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Spirit Weeks

We are celebrating Peninsula Gymnasts and showing our appreciation to our community with Spirit Weeks.
To participate, simply DRESS UP according to the Theme of the Week and get your Raffle Tickets.
Extra Raffle Tickets are also awarded to those who earn Achievement Ribbons during these weeks.


Week of Jul 5: Red, White, Blue
Week of July 11: Beach Party
Week of Jul 18: Tye Dye


Every week, 2 Raffle Winners will be selected at random from the Raffle jar of that week to receive one of the following prizes:
Free Parents Night Out (at San Mateo location)
Customizable Peninsula Apparel
(Peninsula Shirt / Sweater with a design of choice and Custom Printed Name)


At the end of the 3 Spirit Weeks – 2 Raffle Winners will be selected at random from all the raffle tickets that were awarded in all 3 weeks. The grand prizes are:
Free Week of Camp
3 months of tuition credit*
(up to $330)


Earn Extra Raffle Tickets and increase your chance of winning a prize by earning one of the following Achievement Ribbons.
Bridge Kick-Over
Pull Over
Level Completion for Level 1, 2, or 3
Achievement Ribbons is a way to reward gymnasts who are dedicated to the process of achieving fundamental skills. These ribbons are given to gymnasts who have achieved the skill or level with correct technique or form.