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2018 Girls & Xcel Team Achievements

March 06, 2018

Congratulations to our Girls & Xcel Teams for all their achievements so far!

Lady Luck Results

Level 2: 3rd Place
Level 4: 4th Place
Xcel Bronze: 5th
Xcel Silver: 2nd

Black Tie Results
Xcel Bronze: 2nd Place
Xcel Silver: 1st Place
Xcel Diamond: 2nd Place

Spirit of the Flame Results
Xcel Bronze: 2nd & 3rd Place
Xcel Silver: 1st Place
Xcel Gold & Diamond: 3rd Place

Pot O’ Gold Results
Level 2: 1st Place
Level 3: 1st Place
Level 4: 1st Place
Xcel Bronze: 1st Place
Xcel Silver: 1st Place

Keep up the great work!