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Competitive Team Programs

for advanced gymnasts competing in Junior Olympic and Xcel levels

Competitive Team Program Description:

Our Competitive Team Program requires a year-round commitment to training and competition from both gymnasts and parents. Boys and girls who show a strong desire and physical potential to be competitive gymnasts at a Junior Olympic and Xcel level are asked to join by invitation. Compulsory & Optional Girls also participate in ballet classes once a week to enhance flexibility, grace, and musicality.

For new competitive transfer students:

Please contact our program director at (650) 571-7555 to schedule an evaluation.

Junior Olympic Girls Competitive

For: Girls Annual Membership Fee $50.00 for one child $45.00 for siblings
Schedule Level 2: 9 hours per week Level 3: 12 hours per week Level 4: 15 hours per week Level 5: 15 hours per week Optionals: 15 hours per week
Cost 9 hours per week: $325/month 12 hours per week: $380/month 15 hours per week: $405/month

USAG gymnastics has divided the Junior Olympic (JO) Program into 10 levels. At Peninsula, we begin taking athletes to competitions at Level 4. The minimum age for this level of competition is 6 years old. At Levels 4-6, all athletes across the country perform the same routines on all four events (vault, bars, beam, and floor). The emphasis in these levels is to master basic skills that will enable skill development in the future and to experience the thrill of the competitive environment.

Junior Olympic Boys Competitive

For: Boys Annual Membership Fee $45.00 for one child $40.00 for siblings
Schedule Level 5: 12 hours per week Optionals: 15 hours per week
Cost  12 hours per week: $380/month 15 hours per week: $405/month

Boys Team is made up of a special group of families and athletes who work together through the common bond of Men’s gymnastics. By choosing to be a part of the Peninsula Gymnastics Boys Team your child will be given the chance to experience something rare in this busy day and age: forming friendships and learning life lessons through dedication and hard work. These boys train from 15-20 hours a week preparing for several competitions hosted by USA Gymnastics, the governing body for our sport in the U.S. The Peninsula Gymnastics Boys Team has the opportunity to compete in State and Regional meets around California and the country.


For: Girls Annual Membership Fee $45.00 for one child $40.00 for siblings
Schedule Bronze: 9 hours per week Silver: 9-12 hours per week Gold, Platinum & Diamond: 15 hours per week
Cost 9 hours per week: $325/month 12 hours per week: $380/month 15 hours per week: $405/month

Our Xcel Team program focuses on building positive thinking and creates the ability for gymnasts to exceed their own expectations by pushing themselves and pushing each other as a team. The program focuses on a less demanding schedule in a non-stressful environment and caters to everyone’s individual needs.

Team Weekend Bonus Hours

Bonus hours are really important for gymnasts to get extra time in the gym to work on new and fun skills. It will also help them prepare for upper-level skills for next season and beyond. We highly recommend you take advantage of this extra practice time. Please note that there are only 12 spots available for each session, and registration closes at 8 AM on the Thursday before the event. If there are less than 4 students signed up by this time, the class will be canceled and you will receive a refund. We will also send out an email to confirm cancellation on Thursday afternoon every week. To register for Weekend Bonus Hours after 12PM on Friday, please call our Front Desk at (650) 571 7555 to check for availability.

***Please note that there will be NO BONUS HOUR if your gymnast is scheduled to compete that day***

Level 2 - Saturday 11:30 - 1:30 PM - $35.00 / Session

Weekend Bonus Hour Registration

Peninsula Gymnastics Competitive Teams

Policies & Forms:
For more information about Payment, Cancellation, Make-Up, etc please visit our Policies & Forms Page.