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Halloween Party

You are invited to our Halloween Carnival!
Every year, our San Mateo facility is transformed into a Haunted House where kids can play Carnival Style Gymnastics Games, as well as participating in a costume contest.
This year, as we keep safety in mind, we will be holding the event at 2 different times for different age groups.
Come, bring a friend, see your coach in a halloween costume and earn prizes while playing games.


Haunted House
Carnival Style Gymnastics Games with Prize Store
Photo Booth
Costume Contest


Saturday, October 28th

Students AND Non Students welcomed. Bring a Friend!

Kids Under 5: 4:30 – 6:00
Kids Over 5: 6:30 – 8:00


Stations: Children can earn tickets by participating in the event
Attractions: Children can pay tickets to participate in the attraction
Halloween Store: Children can buy prizes with tickets


No Sales at Door, Pre-Sale Only!
Ticket Sale closes at 12PM Friday 10/27
Limited Spots! (Only 100 spots for kids under 5 & Only 150 for kids over 5)

Children: $20
Parents: Free


WAIVER is REQUIRED for all participants.

(We Highly Recommend parents fill out waiver ahead of time to avoid delay & frustration)